We develop native und hybrid Apps for iOS, Android und Windows in an agile environment. Our mobile solutions are user-friendly and accessible.


BusAccess is among the 16 finalists for this year's award. 

The Breakthrough is awarded by Bluetooth Special Interest Group. The SIG owns the Bluetooth trademarks and oversees the development of the Bluetooth standard. Our assistive system for accessible transport was named as a finalist on CES in Las Vegas. Find more information on BusAccess here.

We are a leading partner in large-scale European and national research projects addressing human-computer interaction and accessibility issues.


Launch of the European research project BlindPAD

In BlindPAD different technologies for tactile displays will be explored. These will be evaluated based on prototypes, to the future to support blind and visually impaired people with a mobile, tactile display. Application areas of BlindPAD are learning situations and mobile guide. BLINDPAD will be a personal, portable and cheap solution to improve knowledge and independence, thus increasing chances of employment, of social inclusion and, ultimately, of a better quality of life.

Combining cutting-edge technology expertise with commercial acumen, GeoMobile exploits innovative research into leading products and services.


Passenger information and mobility services 

Due to the popularity of smartphones and mobile apps they nowadays provide further opportunities to improve accessibility and inclusion in public transport for people with mobility impairments. ivanto redifines accessibility in public transport, turning vehicles and station buildings into smart objects that are accessible for human interaction and that support users`activities. ivanto - improves passenger information, increases the feeling of security and offers innovative mobility services. Read more.